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Kontaktmaterial QMet

Contact materials based on copper alloys


As Sole Agent for Austria and Slovakia for Materion Brush GmbH / Stuttgart, we supply high conductive strip and wire material for applications in the electric and electronic industry. 

You have very high needs in mechanical strength, combined with electrical conduciveness and low stress relaxation???


Then please call us!

Copper-beryllium alloys


Copper-beryllium alloys (CuBe) are characterized by their unique combination of material properties:

  • High strength,

  • High conductivity,

  • Hardness and corrosion resistance

  • Non-magnetic

Kupfer Berylium

Beryllium-free copper alloys

Sondergleitlager aus ToughMet

As electronic devices become more compact, designers need to produce smaller parts that are suitable for higher power, high temperature environments. Engineers also often need to use materials that have good global availability.

  • Electr. conductivity   : min. 78% IACS

  • Tensile strength        : min. 538 N/mm²

  • Rp0.2                        : min. 500 N/mm²

  • Elongation.               : min. 5 %


Materion Produkte
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