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Engineered bearings 

We develop and manufacture your special design plain- and rotary bearings according to your drawing, or we fulfill the complete design together with you.

Just ask us for our services!

Engineered joint bearing

  • For an application with extreme narrow radial space, a standard joint bearing was adapted and produced by eroding the inner diameter of the inner ring.

  • It is also possible to deliver such bearings in a non magnetic version with lifetime lubrication. 


Engineered Plain Bushings

  • Standard bearings failed due to unexpected loads and did not achieve the required lifetime 

  • The installation space for the bearing is limited by the surrounding construction

  • Our special designed solution prevented bearing failures at worldwide installed machines.

Retainer groove in the outer ring

  • Special design for motor racing

  • Special conditions require special solutions - such as an axial groove in the outer ring of an deep groove ball bearing

  • Short-term delivery in small quantities is a must!

  • Problem solved!

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